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QUICK CAPITAL SDN BHD is a registered, formal and reliable financial services company, which is committed to help our customers to achieve various types of personal financial needs as well as business goals here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ever since our establishment, we are highly focusing to develop various financial loan scheme customization to our valuable customers. With our service offering, you are now able to improve your lifestyles and businesses from our exquisite plans of personal and business loans. As a reputed company in the industry, we continuously strive to provide quality financial loan to meet with ever-changing market demands.

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Business Loan

Business normally requires an adequate amount of capital in order to fund business expenses or maybe for further business expansion. Similar with corporate loan, business loan is a type of loan intended for business purpose. It involves creation of debt which will incur interest. The loan amount can range between RM10,000 till RM1 million. If your company qualifies for SME category, you can consider SME loan.​Why Need Business Loan?Companies require business loan when they expand their operations, to pay wages, due to late payment from customers, unexpected delay in the shipment or goods stuck in customs. There are also companies that used the business loans to update their inventories and to pay their suppliers in advance.​Features of Business LoanFor business loan, it needs an existing business to show proof that it really operates and bringing in money. It also has to show good track records with their cash flow and also good bank statements. Business loan tenure can be flexible, depending on business needs. This is especially useful if the collection is delayed by just a few weeks, or waiting for disbursement from the bank loan.​How to qualifyTo qualify for business loan, the company needs to have an existing business. Besides that, it also needs to show strong operating cash flow in their bank statements. Last but not least, the credit profile for both the Company and the Directors are also important。​ConclusionTherefore, if you have any urgent business financial needs, look no further. We are one of the top licensed money lenders in Klang Valley. We specialises in Selangor such as Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Klang, Setia Alam, Ampang, Gombak, Subang and Puchong. In KL, we have agents in Cheras, Kepong, KLCC, Setiawangsa, Sentul and Pandan. Hence, we will be handling your loan application with professionalism and utmost privacy for you. Therefore, we will try to ensure fast approval for your loan application.

Refinance Loan

Why do people choose refinancing loan? It could be due to them seeking for lower interest rates, or more affordable installment amount for repayment of debts. Additionally, it could also be for their children’s education, capital for starting up a new business or as an emergency fund for medical costs. This would also create the urgency in our lives hence causing us to refinance our assets. However, due to Bank Negara Malaysia’s requirement, nowadays refinancing may not be easy to get. BNM’s new ruling states that the maximum tenure of such loan is only 10 years tenure. This is because BNM wants to manage the household debt of all borrowers.​Cash out portion from house refinancing falls within the definition of such loan. Hence it requires the borrower to fully settle the cash out portion of the debts within 10 years. This would also mean the installment repayment would increase because you need to fully repay within the stated tenure. In most instances, people would consider refinancing to get extra cash out for additional financing. However, because of this rule tightening, not many people are able to qualify for refinancing. This is because their commitment has already max borrowing capacity, coupled with a shorter tenure, they just cannot afford much cash out the loan from the refinancing.​What other options for refinancing?Why complicate your life when you can have a simple solution from our company? We assist to find a loan that is suitable to your needs with better features, get a better interest rate and payment term. In addition, when you refinance, you want the process to be quick, effortless and improve your cash flow without going through the hassle. Firstly, we would assist customers to understand their financial standings. This is done by getting their outstanding balance of mortgage and remaining years of mortgage. Next, we will educate them on information regarding the new loan such as the current mortgage rates and number of years to pay off. By doing so, customers are able to get a clearer picture of how refinance works and not be in the pit hole of running around in circles of not knowing what to do. Customers can also opt for our services to clear off all unfavorable outstanding debts such as credit card debts or car loans before proceeding to apply from commercial banks. By doing so, homeowners are able to further understand how this process works. What homeowners need to understand is that they will have a larger debt, comprising original debts plus cash out amount. Thus, in times of need or emergency, refinancing is an easier way out of getting cash. However, it may have longer term implication of having a larger debt. Some borrowers may use the cash out amount to settle their current personal loan or credit card outstanding amount. The main reason borrowers request refinance loan from private lenders is because of fast approval and quick disbursement.​ConclusionShould the bank reject your refinance loan application, you can consider getting a private refinance loan from us. Do contact us for further enquiries and we will be glad to attend to all your financial needs. We cover KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, and slowly expanding across Malaysia. Within Selangor, we cover area such as Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Klang, Setia Alam, Ampang, Gombak, Subang and Puchong. In KL, we have agents in Cheras, Kepong, KLCC, Setiawangsa, Sentul and Pandan. Whilst in Negeri Sembilan, we specialises in Port Dickson, Seremban, and around Negeri Sembilan.  We do offer refinancing with the banks, and refinancing with private money lenders. For private lenders, the rates might be slightly higher, but they do offer easy approval process, fast disbursement and flexible tenure. The most important is that we can solve your urgent financial needs.

Factory & Land Loan

Factory loan refers to a type of financial assistance used to acquire a factory or an industrial property. This factory loan is not only for factory acquisition. However, we can also use it to expand an existing factory or purchase machinery and equipment. You can also choose to refinance your fully paid factory for working capital loan. Depending on the respective bank’s criteria, some lenders granted a factory loan judging by the location, type of commercial property and the number of floors in the building. The banks can be pretty strict with the types of commercial property they finance, unlike home loans. Banks tend to disapprove loans meant to finance factories situated within shopping complexes.​If the factory is on an upper floor of a mixed development, the loan most probably will not be approved. If your factory falls within any of these categories, you have a reason to consider private lenders to fund especially if your financial status isn’t strong as well.​Land financingLand financing involves purchasing a piece of raw land. The loan for raw land commonly refers to a land that has no plans for improvement. Most bank lenders consider raw land as the least favorable collateral and are particularly difficult to obtain a loan. Moreover, purchasing a raw land requires a higher down payment up to 50% and a higher interest rate. If there are any developmental plans for the land, it is much easier for the bank to approve. However, usually, most people who buy land, do not have an immediate use for the land. Hence at the point of purchase, they will not have any developmental plans. To acquire a land, you have to do a lot of homework since purchasing a land is not as simple as borrowing money to buy a house. Unlike houses or condos which we can get valuation report, a piece of land is difficult to determine its worth. Therefore, it is vital for you to gather valuable information such as land survey, zoning laws, and land use restrictions. ConclusionWhether you need factory loan or land financing, if the bank is not able to approve your loan, do consider us. We are known for easy application process, fast approval and quick disbursement of the loan that we approve. We specially focus on area within KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Within Selangor, we cover area such as Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Klang, Setia Alam, Ampang, Gombak, Subang and Puchong. Whilst in Negeri Sembilan, we specialises in Port Dickson, Seremban, and around Negeri Sembilan. In KL, we have agents in Cheras, Kepong, KLCC, Setiawangsa, Sentul and Pandan.   

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We are one of the top licensed money lenders, focusing on Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, as well as having associates throughout Malaysia. If you have any financial difficulties, whether it’s for own use or business use, you can always check with us.

We help analyze your situation and advise which type of loan is suitable. Let the business loan specialist help advise you on the right loan to sign up. Lets get understand more about what we are doing !​We also specialize in servicing the business loan.

Our customer ranges from the established corporate loan, business loan, factory loan, SME loan, as well as personal loan. Small businesses include shop lots, retail kiosks, food outlet and even home-based business without SSM registration.

We can also advise for difficult credit profile customers, such as blacklist CTOS and CCRIS, or business less than 3 years, or insufficient income documents. Checkout our loan services now.

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We specially focus on area within KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Within Selangor, we cover area such as Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Klang, Setia Alam, Ampang, Gombak, Subang and Puchong. Whilst in Negeri Sembilan, we specialises in Port Dickson, Seremban, and around Negeri Sembilan. In KL, we have agents in Cheras, Kepong, KLCC, Setiawangsa, Sentul and Pandan.

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